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Jessica Simpson clip in hair extensions question?

I have light brown hair, highlighted with many different shades of blonde. There’s golden colored, platinum, and light brown all throughout my hair. I just ordered the Ginger Blonde hair extensions by Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves and I’m wondering if I chose the right color. Anyone know anything about this product?

If you can’t style your hair by yourself, without a salon helping you, I suggest you don’t, since Jessica doesn’t STYLE her own hair without the help of Ken.

BTW: Jessica Simpson & Paris Hilton don’t even use their own hair extensions, plus they have stylists to do them in photo shoots or travel with them. Jessica was photographed, showing her clip-ons during a windy day.

Getting extensions are not that easy, like buying shoes.

People waste tons of money on extensions because it’s the new trend. Without doing much research. Then, they come to YA HAIR and ask us questions on how to clip it on their hair, if they can go swimming, play sports, if they can dye or perm, etc.

It’s really not that simple! Then again, it will not work out if you have thin hair, the clip will be showing through! How embarrassing will that be, if it keeps falling out from your head, if it’s not on right!?!

The hair industry is a billion dollar business, they sell products that cleans & condition the hair. They also sell products that damage and causes hair loss. They also DO NOT give money back guarantee for damaged hair or hair loss due to ‘abuse’. For a young girl like Jessica & Paris (examples) selling hair extensions, they must have problem growing their own hair, because they can’t grow their own hair. I can understand Rachel Welch in her 80’s selling hair extensions or wigs, because she’s older, but for 20+ celebrities, something wrong with that picture!

InStyle magazine Feb. issue in front of me, thanks for asking . . . .
20,000 men on how they responded:

Which hairstyle is the hottest? 89% long waves – Anne Hathaway, 12% choppy bob – Keira Knightley, 8% Pixie crop – Halle Berry.

Hair extensions:
80% NOT, 16% HOT

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