Jersey Hat Loss

Jersey Hat Loss
What’s your big game day traditions/clothing/etc?

What weird and superstitious things do you do on game day to make sure your team wins? I have to be wearing my jersey (which hasn’t been washed since the last loss), dreadlocks hat, bracelets, beads, certain socks, and for important games, a tattoo on my cheek. I also have a light up mug that I have to drink my beer out of!
Do you have to be wearing certain things or eat certain foods??? I wanna hear from all the crazy fans out there!!!

Right now, I make sure that I am wearing my new authentic Clay Matthews jersey that my girlfriend got me for Christmas. So far, the Pack has not lost a game since. I also make sure to have my Go Pack Go pillow that she made me nearby. If things are going bad, I also tend to look for green or yellow foods to eat during the game.

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