Cancer Head Wrap

Cancer Head Wrap
Are shots (the kind you get from the doctors) bad for you?

I started Guardasil today (I have only had my first shot or three
when I informed a friend, then went on to tell me that shots are bad for you, and although this may help prevent me from getting a cancer (which I might not even end up having) they can cause other illness/cancers/overall health complications later on in life
As much as I want to believe my friend, I just can’t wrap my head around why some one as trusted as a doctor would give you medicine that could do this to you

My friend said that it’s not just guardasil, but any shot.

Your friend is either kidding you or is woefully misinformed. Guardasil does not cause other illnesses or cancer. And it’s absolutely not true that “any shot” is bad for you.
Immunizations have saved countless lives by virtually eliminating many endemic diseases. Polio took thousands of lives and permanently crippled tens of thousands more around the world as late as the 1950s, but now is exceptionally rare due to shots and the oral vaccine. I remember that parents of small children dreaded the arrival of hot weather, which was known as “polio season”. When I was in third grade, our town shut down all schools on a certain day and the public health department set up clinics in the schools. We children were taken to the school for the polio shot – my mother and I stood in line for hours for my turn. Some mothers wept with relief as their children got those shots, they were so glad to know their kids would not get polio. There are many instances of shots preventing many, many illnesses and deaths.
Your friend either needs to stop being a smart aleck or become better informed.

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soft Cancer Chemo Hat Hair loss Turban Head Wrap Band Hat Cap Bad Hair Day hat
soft Cancer Chemo Hat Hair loss Turban Head Wrap Band Hat Cap Bad Hair Day hat

Pre Tied Fitted Bandana Head Scarf, Chemo Scarf
Pre Tied Fitted Bandana Head Scarf, Chemo Scarf
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Pretied Bandana’s are perfect for full head coverage. Whether it’s shading from the sun or concealing hair loss, pre-ties provide a secure grip and fashionable look. Pre Tied Bandanna’s are a great option for chemotherapy. Very easy to match up. Elasticized in the back for a secure fit. Lightweight, comfortable material….
The Abbey Cap in Ruffle Black
The Abbey Cap in Ruffle Black
The Abbey Cap(tm) is our best selling cap & we are so glad you’ve found it! It’s lightweight, soft, fashionable & very easy to wear. All Abbey Caps are one size fits most. The Abbey Cap is pre-formed & fuss-free which means no tying needed! What a relief right? Just slip it on & off you go! Our Abbey’s are designed to stay securely in place and provide maximum volume & coverage. We offer them in a…
Fancy Pre Tied Head Scarf Bandana Wrap, Chemo Scarves
Fancy Pre Tied Head Scarf Bandana Wrap, Chemo Scarves
Uptown Girl Headwear is a manufacturer of modern, stunning, quality Head Scarves and Head Wraps that are proudly made in the USA, by women, for women.

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Betty Dain Terry Turban, Black, 3.2 Ounce
Betty Dain Terry Turban, Black, 3.2 Ounce
The terry turban by betty dain is made of soft, blended stretch terry cloth and is ideal for chemotherapy patients experiencing hair loss. It helps to keep a person’s head warm during leisurely activity during the day or while asleep at night. The fabric is water absorbent and washable and comes in white, black, pink, light blue, beige, and navy. Made in USA….

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