Cancer Hat Loss

Cancer Hat Loss
Pneumonia and stomach problems, for vets and doctors preferably?

My dog was diagnosed today with pneumonia and some separate type of stomach problem (they think cancer). They also think the pneumonia caused swelling of the esophagus but their not sure.
The symptoms are:
Coughing and trouble breathing
Slightly excess saliva secretion
Loss of appetite
Swollen or distended stomach
Very Lethargic

The dog is an older golden retriever (11) but she has been in pretty good health throughout the years.

My only problem is that all the symptoms hat a very sudden onset so I can’t believe that two diseases just showed up at the same time. They did an X-ray and found no stomach obstructions and the white count is normal. I don’t know how they diagnosed pneumonia, but I assume they found some thing that indicated as such. Is there anything that could cause pneumonia and the stomach thing?

My dog had megaeosophagus. It caused both these issues. It’s a rare disease caused by the swelling of the oesophagus. It is not very treatable but can be controlled by a liquid diet.

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