Lace Front Wig Colour

Lace Front Wig Colour
can lace front wigs be bleached /colored/?

i have a dark brown one and i want to make it blonde


Yes it can but it’s not advised as you risk altering/damaging the lace and the hair itself on the lace wig unit (it’s human hair that cannot grow back if for some reason the hair is overprocessed while coloring/dyeing).

If you must do it, it should be taken to a professional with lace wig knowledge to be permanently dyed/colored. Or you can try a semi permanent color rinse if you want to save money and do it yourself (but you risk darkening the lace which isn’t good if you’re lace is a flesh, beige, or light brown color).

Basically, since the hair on a lace wig unit has already been colored and processed (that is unless it’s a 100% Virgin Remy Unit – natural unprocessed hair color #1B), it’s generally not recommended.

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