Clip Real Hair Extension

Clip Real Hair Extension
Real Hair Clip In Extensions, and where to buy them!?

I have brown hair and I’m getting “Scene Hair” (Best describes it). I want longer hair extensions that will match my hair color but will also be real hair so that I can style it etc. It must be clip in. But I have no clue where to buy them in a store (Not online). What stores sell them? about how much might they be?. I’d also Like small clip in coon tails.

sally’s is the extension place and on the site they have a store locator plus their just about anywhere. They have extensions from lengths 7” to 18” (in real hair) and im guessing you want 18” which will cost u $40 (on a 70” weft/track) and buy the clip’s and make your own which is cheaper or buy the already made clipin’s $60 for 14” and $80 for 18”

and they sell racoon tail extensions at hot-topic but those are totally poser. dye them urself

hope i helped!!