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Cancer Hairloss

Cancer Hairloss
bump in my throat?!?!?

ok so listen to this…… 4yrs. ago i had my first son, after that i found out i had a hyper thyroid. two yrs. later i had my second son, and it went away. now 2yrs. later, i feel like i have something cought in my throat?!?! hairloss? i claer my throst and nothing….. helps! could it be the tyroid back again?!?! it didnt feel like this the first time!! im so worried it could be cancer!! i have no insureance, till the first!! and im just really worried!!! please can someone help me?!?!

The first of the month is not that far away. Try not to panic, but do make an appointment now for the first. It is probably your thyroid again, you may end up having it taken out. If it is cancer there is very good treatment out there now for thyroid cancer. My prayers are with you and I hope you get it taken care of soon. Best wishes.

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