100s Hair Iron

How do i keep my hair straight?????????????????

ok, so i love to straighten my hair. i have wavy hair and i hate it. I have an original chi that i bought from HEB and i like it. I have spent $100s of dollars on crappy irons so i decided to buy the chi. Everyone told me it worked great so i decided to buy it. It got my hair really straight but like all others have done, it didn’t work. As soon as i walk outside my hair curls because of the high humidity of where i live. So what should i do? i’m tired of having to waste all my money on straighteners that don’t work!!! please help me!! Also, don’t tell me to buy hair products because i use herbal essences dangerously straight shampoo,conditioner, mousse, and hair spray, and i have even tried the chi spray and they don’t work.

Go to a hair salon and get it chemically straightened.