Bun Hair

Bun Hair
When I go to BCT are they going to show me how to bun my hair?

(Women) Because I honestly don’t know how. Whenever I try to put it in a bun it always slips out after a jump or two, or the hair pieces stick out at odd angles.

Sorry for the arbitrary question.

I comb mine, part it out to its natural part, put it in a pretty tight ponytail (but not so tight it hurts!), then BRAID that, secure the end with ANOTHER hair tie. Then I wind the whole braid around in a bun and secure it with one or two additional hair ties. If you apply just a little spritz of water and gel to your hair before you start this, and all those hair ties are pretty secure, this hair style is practically bullet proof. You can run, jump, and roll in the mud, it’s not going anywhere. The braid keeps weird ends from sticking out, and all those hair ties keep it steady.

Chic Hair Bun Tutorial