Hair Weft Extension

How do you sew clips on extensions (hair wefts)?

HELPP! I just bought some extensions from Sally’s and I need to know how to sew on the clips! Use a lot of detail (I’m slow. LMAO)! Links and Video’s are nice too =]]


Girl!! I am an expert at this, ive been using clip in hair and im about to put another one in.

Here are the supplies you need:
Hair weaving thread
Regular sewing needle (large)
Tail Comb
Feather Comb(for styling)

1. Get the hair, comb it out

2.Next, prep your real hair. Wash it, wrap it, blow dry it, relax, whatever you do to get your hair ready for a weave

3. You part your hair,starting from the bottom, horizontally

4.Take a weft,Put it across the part you just made. It should be placed from your left ear, to your right ear.

5. Use your finger to mark where the weft meets the 2nd ear and get scissors to cut it

6. Now, take the weft you just cut and get a clip, i usually use about 3 clips for the tracks i am placing on the bottom and as i get to the top i use 4.

7. Take a regular sewing needle and make sure the clip is facing inside.

8. Sew 3-4 loops on the left side of the clip and 3-4 loops on the right side of the clip onto the weft.

9. After the clips are on. Open the clips. Place the clips on the part in your hair you made earlier and clip the hair in.

10. Now from this point on, you are just parting hair to cover each track you made

11. After all of the clipped in hair is in,You comb it. Wrap it ,roller set and you are ready to go

I hope that wasn’t too confusing , doing it is alot easier and if that was a little hard to understand , try youtube and you may find someone who can show you how to do it


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