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Any sad cancer stories…? :/?

Well i guess this isn’t very normal, but, I lost my bestfriend to cancer 5 months ago, and It just feels comforting to hear about other peoples loses just, I read some of these stories about boyfriends losing their girlfriends, and i dont know where I’m going with this, but I want to hear your stories and how are feeling, she was the best, I shaved my head for her

Well, mines not that sad because I’m still alive, but it was really hard at the time.

Basically my mom needed to be induced into labor because she was having twins (my brother and I) and she had an ultrasound just before she went into labor to see if everything was all good with my brother and I. They noticed a tumor in my pancreas and it was cancerous. So when I was born I had heaps of tests within my first hour of life. They all came back positive to pancreatic cancer and type 1 diabetes. They tried to operate to get it out, but it was in a very sensitive and dangerous spot, the only way they could get it out was if they removed part of my pancreas, and that was going to be the last resort. When I was 14 months I went through really intense chemotherapy, I had 6 rounds in 6 weeks. When I was 16 months it seemed to have disappeared. But on my second birthday I started having symptoms and the tumor was back, but it bought a little friend with it too. We were trying to get rid of those tumors for a while but they still didn’t want to operate. When I was 3 years and 10 months it got to the point were it was at stage 3 and it was getting worse quickly. So they removed 70% of my pancreas. While having tests before getting part of my pancreas removed they discovered leukemia. So I was dealing with leukemia until I was 9 and they finally got rid of it. Then when I was 10 a really big cancerous tumor between my knee cap and muscle/cartilage was discovered. That went away when I was almost 12. I also had many other random tumors on different bones and muscles, some cancerous, some not.

I’m 14 now.

I’m finally done with all this cancer after 12 years! And I couldn’t be more blessed. Controlling my diabetes is so much easier when you don’t have to worry about all these drugs and chemicals that mess up your blood sugar.

So yeah, this story wasn’t particularly sad, more happy in the end!! But I’m so sorry for your loss!! It must be very hard and I’m really happy you shaved your head for cancer because when you’re. Going through chemo and treatments and surgeries and procedures all you want it a cure, no matter how strong you are. xox

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