Wavy Human Made

Can you translate the poem I made in French? No Google Translates please!?

Can someone translate my poems into French? No google translates please.. I want it to sound a bit poetic! (sorry if my poems sucks)


Thick or thin
Straight or curly
Wavy or pointed
No matter what
I’ll always make a difference
Make you more awesome than ever
Or make you more stupid than you are right now

(you can change a bit in my poem too to make it sound better 🙂

Here’s another one:

Every action is an iceberg
What you see outside
Is not enough
What you don’t know
It’s deeper than what you think

There! Thanks a lot! Again no google/online translates please. I want human translation to make it sound poetic 😉

You can’t translate poems into other languages. It doesn’t work.

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