Human Clip Extension 120g

How to put clip in hair extensions in just over shoulder length hair?

How do I put them in? They’re 18 inches, and they’re 120g.
And human hair, of course. 😀

HI,i have been wearing extensions for over 5 years and have come across some very bad extensions ( people putting them in wrong) for a while now. first of all i think you should cut them to about 14 inches because think about it you have shoulder length hair and layers and when you put 18 inch extensions is you will have shoulder length layers and then just a dramatic long 18inch layer and will people will be able to tell. whether you decide to keep the length is totally up to you.

When putting in your extensions in you should section the bottom 1/4 of you hair from the neck line to about the middle of your ears and hair grip/clip it up so it cant be on show when wearing your extensions e.g. so when you bring your long hair round to sit next to your ears you wont see you natural short hair with it that will make it look to obvious. then get about two 6″ long extension strips and clip them about 1″1/2 apart one being close too you neck hair like and one further up. then put your natural hair over them. then section you hair at about the tops of your ears and place another strip of hair there and keep going up sectioning your hair untill you get about 2/3 up and dont put in any higher as you will see the extensions at the top of your head :).also put some small hair pieces at either sides of the head to give that long natural look. good look 🙂

Review : Luxy Hair Extensions 120g