Hair Grips Set Set

Hair Grips Set Set
What is so appealing about sticking it in a man’s butt?

There is nothing more disgusting, or filthy, than a man’s butt. Yuck. It’s dirty, hairy, and it smells. And I’m sure it doesn’t feel too good, either.

How could the gay people in this section NOT like the feel of a warm, wet kitty that has a tight grip. Not to mention a great set of breasts and the long, flowing hair of a girl. Gays are messed up.

For the record, I am not a “homophobe” because I don’t fear gays. I simply find them disgusting. I am also not a “closet case” because I have always preferred women sexually. If you want to play the role of a psychologist, better look at yourselves first. Like I said, gays are messed up.
RE: “Men like to stick their penis’ in women’s butts too.”

That is called sodomy. All rectal sodomites are homosexuals in my book.

Sorry my friend you are an idiot and a homphobe. You are the one messed up. I am a pyschologist and I can assure you that any straight man who spends time here on this page to post insults to people is the one who is clearly insane. I don’t think you are special enough to be a closet case. You are just a plain ole aswhole (pun intended).

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