Pretty Human Hair

Pretty Human Hair
Where does sallys get hair for the human hair extensions they hav?

so i was just wondering because they have pretty long human hair extensions and if you were going to donate hair wouldn’t you donate it to make wigs for cancer patients or something.

Hi there,

The majority of companies that sell hair, get theirs from China (Including Sally’s). Of course, many different grades can be purchased, but mostly it does come from there. Then you can get hair from India, Ukraine, Italy and other places for Virgin European hair, but Sally’s does not purchase this quality hair. They stick with mostly asian human hair because it is the cheaper one to buy. Be very careful, because some human hair is very course, and that is because in order to make it cheaper (like ones you see in pharmacies, online sellers offering for $15, etc… they mix horse hair, camel hair into the human hair so it is blended, but cheap quality.

We spent years finding premium indo-hair and european virgin hair for our line of extension and wigs. We only offer our customers the finest hair. Also, all our hair is put to the test of dying, curling, perming, and abuse to see what it can withstand before selling it to our customers. When we find the perfect grade, we offer it to you!

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Good Luck & Hope I was able to answer your question 🙂

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