Hair Curly

Hair Curly
How do i get my hair curly without actually having to CURL it?

I need to know what to do to my hair to get it curly without having to use a curling iron or hot rollers. I have dark brown, wavy hair that is very “stylable”. Can i put it up in some way nad then sleep with it like that and then when i take it out in the morning it will be curly.

Please don’t just say “braid it”. I am kinda hair-stupid and i need a little more detail.

well if you’re hair is naturally curly then you should have no problem whatso ever…but using hair products like moose and foam to scrunch it works very well also…
i also use it to keep the style in and the frizz out when i have my hair curly..
but if your hair is naturally straight then have it permed…=)
but make sure you know what size of curls you want..=)

My Naturally Curly Everyday Hair Routine (Rake, Shake, Scrunch!)